🎉Нова пошта Government subsidies!🎊
14 May, 2021


Нова пошта Government subsidies!

Through the questionnaire, you will have a chance to get $ 8000 .

Question 1 of 4 : Do you know Нова пошта ?


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10 / 183

Melda Ateş

I thought it was a joke, but it was delivered this morning! So surprised! @Нова пошта is the best company I've ever met!

  1 minutes ago

Orhan-Dilek Yılmazer

I can't believe it! I won a gift, thanks @Нова пошта! 👍👍👍

  3 minutes ago

Ayşe Gül

Great, I never won anything, I'm amazed, thanks Нова пошта for the anniversary gift!🥰

  7 minutes ago

Aliocha Itovich

Thanks @Нова пошта! Really, I got a gift. I told my friends about it so they can get it too!

  9 minutes ago

Frédérique Van Houtte

I attended, thank you so much! I won and I received it today.

  10 minutes ago

ogran ionut

😎I love these promotions! Are there any other [email protected]Нова пошта

  12 minutes ago

Anika Appetre

I thought it was a joke, but my family and I received gifts today, hope more people take the survey @Нова пошта

  15 minutes ago

Lungu Adelaida

Are there any other surveys to take?

  17 minutes ago

Julianna Dusu

really? When can I receive it?

  20 minutes ago

Emmanuel Dumitrascu

It's true, I got a gift, did you get it?

  25 minutes ago